Our Approach

We are a boutique operation, which means we can tailor solutions to our clients, based on an understanding of requirements and an honest assessment of what it takes to achieve those needs.

However, we are guided by what we believe to be 3 major criteria for our key clientele:

    1.  Assurance and a level of comfort/confidence that DaLu will successfully transact and manage the investment(s), both at the point of purchase, as well as on an ongoing basis.
    2. Identification of attractive Australian businesses with going concern cash flows and a reasonable return on investment. Value is enhanced if the business can export its output back to the client’s home country for integration into existing distribution channels.
    3. Investment attractiveness includes uniqueness and appeal in relation to the client’s lifestyle aspirations viz-a-viz Australia.

Our goal is simple:  To help clients successfully acquire and manage attractive Australian businesses

We achieve this by:

- Operating with integrity and professionalism
–  Facilitating access to quality Australian businesses and relationships
–  Knowing our authenticity underpins the relationships we build and the transactions we manage

 We listen, and are flexible, and can hence create bespoke solutions that suit your needs.

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