Ongoing Management

Having acquired an Australian business, many clients (especially the foreign ones) will not get involved in the day-to-day operations. As described in Our Approach, many acquisitions are based on a going concern, with an existing management team to continue running the business.

Furthermore, many of our clients do not have the time, nor the Australian business experience or industry knowledge, to effectively supervise and oversee their investment as the shareholder.

DaLu provides tailored solutions and can assist the client to provide assurance their business is being accorded the appropriate level of supervision and governance:

- Regular review of business plans and performance against plan
– Requisite input into key business decisions such as growth plans, investment, risk management, management team composition and performance, etc.

DaLu’s consultants have expertise and credibility of managing businesses in Australia, supplemented by membership and affiliation to the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). At the same time, we can access the corporate services of industry-specific and well-established Australian commercial advisors to support.

Contact us to see how DaLu can help you supervise and oversee your Australian business investment with a minimum of effort.