Business Acquisition

Using own expertise and leveraging a strong local network of blue chip Australian partners, DaLu offers full representation in our clients’ acquisition of Australian businesses. This can be generally classified in two steps:

1.Research, Identification and Valuation

- DaLu has access to Australia’s most experienced and well-established advisors, business brokers, agents and small to mid cap M&A specialists. That means we have an extensive pool of businesses to research in producing a list recommended to our clients, and have the ability to source value propositions even before they hit the market. Confidential listings (due to vendor discretion), marketed exclusively to our clients, are also periodically available.

- DaLu will only deal with a small shortlist, determined by what we believe our exclusive pool of clients demand (see Our Approach ). Of course, we are also flexible and can cater to clients’ bespoke requests on specific searches after consultation and identification of needs.

- Acquiring industry-specific businesses also means buying into a set of current and projected cash flows or business plans. Our clients have access to reputable external partners and independent advisors with strong commercial and industry experience in Australia.

2. Negotiation and Deal Delivery

- DaLu’s consultants are experienced deal-makers with strong commercial acumen because we have negotiated, acquired and managed businesses in many different countries, and are programmed to assess value, including the risks and tipping points which turn a value enhancing deal into a value eroding one.

- Also because our consultants are deeply embedded into Australian life and culture, we are able to effectively represent and articulate on behalf of a foreign client.

- Delivering the acquisition of blue chip businesses in Australia also demands the service provision by Australian blue chip partners – hence DaLu only collaborates with well-known and established firms to provide Due Diligence and legal documentation to support the transaction.

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