DaLu’s key strength stems from the ability to bridge Australia and Asia, in particular, China.

Bilingual language fluency is a given, and our consultants’ ability to articulate and comprehend in both Australian and Chinese environments provides an edge in transactions whilst giving assurance to our Chinese clients.

However, DaLu emphasizes cultural fluency as even more important.

DaLu’s consultants are known for their understanding of, and assimilation in, both Australian and Eastern (Chinese) cultures. This cultural intelligence is a result of many years of embedment/habituation in both cultures, and whose authenticity cannot be manufactured. As a result, we are able to provide effective articulation to all parties in transactions or meetings, as well as between-the lines insight and intuition to our client’s stakeholders.

In Australia, we are equally adept in immersing ourselves into the top end of town by bringing decades of blue chip corporate experience to bear in our interactions, as well as possessing the ability and experience of dealing with and managing SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises). We even have strong rural affiliations which gives us empathy and understanding of this unique sector of Australian society. As a result, DaLu has managed to build valued relationships and establish strong collaboration across the breadth of Australian enterprise.

In China and the rest of South East Asia, we are regarded as fully assimilated. Our consultants have developed an innate understanding of the Asian/Chinese psyche and protocols, which not only helps us identify (and deliver!) their requirements, but allows us to communicate those requirements to the Australian vendor or stakeholders in the acquisition or management of a specific business.

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Some of the Testimonials from our clients

“…unique ability to both listen and communicate at a deeper level to promote understanding in transactions involving Chinese and western parties, thus bridging the cultural gap…”
“…has been successful combining a strong blend of strategic thinking and cross cultural skill-sets in managing joint ventures, with a simple belief that good partnerships start with good relationships.”
“…very sharp and has an excellent business mind. He picks up points and nuances quickly and is valued for his ability to think beyond the obvious…..”

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