Helping clients successfully acquire and manage attractive Australian businesses

DaLu’s consultants are reputable investment and commercial practitioners in Australia and Asia, especially in the area of facilitating successful Sino-Foreign ventures. Leveraging this credibility, DaLu boasts:

  1. Access to attractive businesses for sale, sourced from a strong network of advisors, and reputable partners to give the best support corporate Australia can provide;
  2. Access to a strong client list in Asia, in particular China and South East Asia.

Why invest in Australia?

Australia is an attractive investment destination:

- Stable economy, steady growth, low sovereign risk, and a legal framework which offers investors and asset owners protection (for example, title in perpetuity). In other words, an investment climate for a viable business to earn a reasonable return.

- Australia offers many unique and appealing sectors to invest that are unavailable in other countries (for example, resources, rural industries or primary produce, tourism, aquaculture, etc). These sectors can extend the value chain and supply into the investor’s base country.

-  For the prudent investor, buying an Australian business is an option which is sustainable and diversified in the long term.

Australia welcomes foreign investment:

- Acquiring Australian businesses or assets is an investment in the future. A future in a country with great potential and lifestyle – with its major cities topping the world-wide liveability measures on a regular basis (based on infrastructure, education, security, environment, etc).

- The Australian Government is supportive, for example by introducing the Significant Investor Visa which is granted to applicants who invest at least five million Australian dollars into complying investments as a proviso for permanent residency.

DaLu is well placed to facilitate and manage your investment into Australian businesses. Contact us for a free initial consultation.